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    ISPN 19th Annual Conference

    Poster Sessions

    #1  Psychiatric Medication Inpatient Education Using Teach Back Methodology
    Diane Oran, MN, RN, CNS/NP-BC

    #2  Changes in the willingness of a schizophrenic patient participating in therapeutic recreation to interact with others -analysis using the theory of symbolic interactionism-
    Ayumi Kohno, RN, PhD

    #3  Acting with a Purpose: The Lived Experience of Actors in the Role of Standardized Patients Portraying Mental Illness
    Judith Jaronsinski, PhD, RN

    #4  Examining Nursing Student's Attitudes toward People with Mental Illness
    Todd Hastings, PhD, RN

    #6  Factors influencing the awareness of medication adherence among inpatients with schizophrenia in acute psychiatric units in Japan - A basic study with a focus on patients’ participation in psychoeducation
    Mitsunobu Matsuda, RN, PhD

    #7  The Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Recovery Model: Deconstructing Trauma Narratives to Identify the Basic Psychosocial Process of PTSD Recovery
    Pamela Phillips, PhD, RN

    #8  Introduction and Use of Drum Therapy in a Mental Health Secure Extended Care Unit (SECU)
    Breanna Achterbosch

    #9  Assessment: How To Make Your Student's Electronic Gadget A Fun In-Class Evaluation Tool
      Caroline Moriarity, DPM, MSN, APRN, PMHRN-BC

    #11  The Lifestyle Choices and Health Outcomes of aging parents of adult children with ID/DD
      Karen Pounds, PhD, PMHCNS, BC

    #12  An Action Plan for Educators: Training Future PMHNPs in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
      Erin Ellington, DNP, RN, PMHNP-BC

    #13  Effectiveness of Substance Abuse and Brief Intervention Training on APRN Students
      Caroline McKinnon, PhD, PMHCNS-BC

    #14  Contributing factors on benefit finding among people with chronic mental illness: findings from a longitudinal study in Japan
      Rie Chiba, PhD, RN, PHN

    #15 Screening for Substance Abuse Using an Evidence-Based Model: SBIRT Training for Nursing and Social Work Students
      Suzanne Billingsly, DNP, RN, PMHCNS

    #16  Nursing Student's Feelings about Mental Health Nursing: Concept, Coursework, Career
      Todd Hastings, PhD, RN

    #19  Prescribed Exercise for the Treatment of Depression in a College Population: An Interprofessional Approach
      Brittany Yates, DNP, APRN, PMHNP-BC

    #20  BSN Student Responses to a "Hearing Voices" Audio Simulation: A Content Analysis of Post-Experience Response Papers
      Vicky Whitehead, RN, MSN

    #22  The Present and Future of Pharmacogenomic Testing in Psychiatry
      Lisa Gumbs Hanan, RN, FNP, LCSW

    #24  Military Children's Perceptions of Parents' Frequent Missile Base Deployments
      Deborah Jones, CPNP, RN

    #25  Addressing Gaps And Challenges In Implementing Alcohol Screening And Brief Intervention (Alcohol SBI) For Psychiatric Nurses: A Focus On Nursing Leaders
    Khadejah F. Mahmoud, MSN, RN

    #27  Environmental Justice and Healthy Homes for Individuals with Severe and Persistent Psychiatric Illnesses: A future role for mental health nursing practice
    Katherine Coury, BA, Nursing Student (BSN)

    #28  A Grounded Theory Study of the Process of Prodromal Experiences Prior to the Diagnosis of Schizophrenia
    Sunny Chih Cheng, MSN

    #29  Can you teach an old dog new tricks? A radical presence approach.
    Christine Moriconi, Psy.D., LMFT, PMHCNS-BC, RN

    #30  Effect of APN with Dual Adult and Psychiatric Mental Health Certification on Emergency Department Visits by Veteran Domiciliary Residents
    Ingrid Barcelona, DNP (c), PMC, MSN, PMHNP-BC, ANP-BC

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ISPN 19th Annual Conference
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